Anahita 50ml for Her


Anahita is a feminine flowery scent. The notes in the middle are Freesia, Quince, Geranium, Peach, Gardenia, Green Notes, and Passionfruit; the notes in the base are Rose, Damask Rose, Patchouli, Leather, Musk, and Violet. The top notes are Bergamot, Sweet Pea, Mandarin



Inspired by London, a city full of urbanity, Anahita was launched. The metropolis is incredibly modern and alive. Everything about gardens, flowers, and greenery is artistic. This perfume’s flowery aspect is modelled after the lushness and earthiness of a damp garden following a downpour. London is evoked by the wet and flowery tones of the perfume Anahita. Rosies and freesia are the main flowers in this fragrance, which give it some spice and brightness. A hint of mint enhances the perfume’s brightness thanks to the geranium leaves. Musky, woodsy, and leathery accords mingle in the dry down.

Anahita is a sophisticated scent for women. Its restrained character and office-like environs are reminiscent of a huge city, and its very gloomy personality is almost business-like. One envisions a strong, self-assured woman with authority. She is incredibly stylish and well put together. One becomes cheerful and confident from this smell.


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