Evodia 50ml (Unisex)


Evodia is a woodsy, amber scent that is suitable for men and women alike. The fragrance’s top notes comprise spices, dried fruits, and damask rose, while the centre notes are jasmine, sandalwood, and agarwood. Peru balsam, vanilla, and smoke make up the fragrance’s foundation. Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons for this delicious oriental scent.



Evodia is among the best scents that may be worn by both sexes. This scent has a strong aroma thanks to the combination of its top notes, which are dried fruits and spices, and its heart notes, which are sandal and jasmine. Its Middle Eastern atmosphere is accentuated by the earthy and exotic base notes.

The preponderance of dried fruits and an intricate arrangement of notes play hide-and-seek with the wearer’s nose. Hisar is a unique oriental scented delight that is smokey and powdery.

Evodia performs admirably, with robust silliage and a respectable lifespan. Its fragrance profile is superb. Although the nuances appear muddled, they are not messy at all.


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